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[Spiral wine cellar I want, pic from dornob.com] I’ve developed the terrible habit of forgetting I have this blog for weeks at a time.  I have a bunch of good bottles to tell you about in the next few weeks, so sit tight just a bit longer.  In the mean time, here are a few odds and ends:

Food thoughts as of late:

Jim Norton at Heavy Table recommended to me the Chilaquiles at Uptown Cafeteria a long time ago.  Just had them last weekend, and I’m now angry I waited so long.  They’re hearty and just the right amount of spicy.  They’re also not topped with gravy or hollandaise like everything else on their brunch menu, so that’s a plus.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I can’t get enough of the sandwiches at Clancey’s Meat & Fish.  Rustica bread topped with their amazing meats (the roast beef is my favorite, though you can’t go wrong with any of them).

Specials to Hit this month:

Cork Dork Wine Co‘s Thurdsay May 12th tasting will feature some good bottles, and all the Carbone’s Pizza you can eat for $5.  Not bad at all.

May 13th – 21st is Minnesota Craft Beer WeekCheck out an event or two, and check out these beer specials:

  • Lake Wine & Spirits has Brau Brothers 6-packs on special for $6.49 all month.  The Scotch Ale and the Pils are both terrific.
  • Surdyk’s has Microbrews on sale from May 19th – 28th, 10-15% off or more.

Booze News of Note:

Kudos to MN House Legislators for passing HF1326, better known as the “Surly Bill” by a 127-5 margin.  In other news, the 5 representatives in opposition to the bill plan to jointly introduce new legislation later this month proposing new restrictions on sunshine, puppies and ice cream.

Michel Chapoutier, famed Rhone Valley producer, claims the ‘petrol’ taste  in Rieslings that many people prize and enjoy is an undesirable winemaking-fault [via Decanter].  I say, who cares?  People say the same thing about the peppery aftertaste in Syrah/Shiraz.  If it’s not a toxic fault, and people like the taste (I loved it in this Riesling from Ontario), what’s wrong that?  The fault, he claims, is caused by an over-agressive pressing of the grapes.  Ok, fine, if he thinks it’s poor technique, then he shouldn’t do it.  But I think I speak for the 99% of wine drinkers that don’t care how the wine got in the bottle when I say, so what?  Saying that it’s unequivocally a fault and is “wrong”, is the kind of high-handed snobbery that turns people off to wine.  Get over it, Mike.

I’m a big Thomas Jefferson-ophile, so I loved this snippet [via Serious Eats] on reconstructing Colonial-era brewing recipes.

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[cartoon from Toothpaste For Dinner]

I realized I haven’t posted a links round-up in about a month.  I was down in Iowa researching a story, then there was no real interesting news for a week or two, then I got busy on other projects…Well, enjoy these make-up links. 

I have lots of good content on the way for you all – A couple MN Winery visits, a wine tasting event, a good interview will be posted on Sunday, and of course, more reviews of the best bottles under $20 in the Twin Cities.  Thanks for reading – Stay Tuned!   

  • Is Gruner Veltliner the remedy for the struggling New Zealand wine industry? [via Cork’d]
  • Congrats to Fulton on their new brewery – Sweet Child of Vine is probably my beer of the year right now.
  • Star Trib Story on remodelers finding pre-Prohibition hooch in a crawl space.
  • Results from the MN State Fair’s International Cold Climate Wine Competition – I heard alot of good things about Tassel Ridge when I was down in Iowa, but I only got a chance to taste one of their wines.  Congrats to Indian Island and all the other MN Wineries for a good showing this year.
  • Charles Olken, the genius behind the Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine has started blogging – what a fantastic addition to the online vino-media.
  • A Bordeaux iPhone App?  Alright.

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[Photo via YMFY]  “Hey Lenny, you care for some Chateau La Mondotte Saint-Emilion?”  A few links for your consideration to help you wash down that Jeroboam;

  • Producers in Australia adopting a style spectrum to guide consumers to the Pinot Gris that’s right for them [via Wine Enthusiast].  The article mentions the similar scale used by the International Riesling Federation to display sweetness levels.  This is a common sense step to help wine buyers, I hope to see this trend continue.
  • A Minneapolis Federal Judge rules that Cristalino [the $8 Spanish sparkling wine] is trademark-infringing on Cristal [the $300 Roederer Champagne] [via Pioneer Press].  Were people seriously confused about this to begin with?
  • Gluek brand beer will be phased out by the Cold Spring Brewing company this fall, ending a 153 year run [via Stuff About Minneapolis].  It will be fondly remembered by everyone as that beer you drank that one time in high school when your older sibling who just turned 21 got you a twelve-pack even though you gave them $20 and they didn’t give you any change.
  • 2009 is being hailed as one of the best vintages for Beaujolais in decades [via Bigger Than Your Head].  Read this round-up of Cru Beaujolais from Georges Duboeuf, I’ll be tracking some of these down in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend!

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[Photo via If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger…]

It’s almost August?  Where did 2010 go all of a sudden?  I can’t stomach the thought of Autumn being just around the corner, but here’s something to ease my mind.  If you are one of those people who like Minneapolis and like consuming food, then you’re in luck.  Next week is MSP Mag’s Restaurant Week.  Good deals all over the place.  Book your reservations and check out these links:

  • City Pages commemorates Ernest Hemingway’s birth week with a variation on his legendary daiquiri, the Papa Doble [read it here].  Their version is a bit tart for my tastes, with all citrus and no sweetner, though that’s the way the Old Man would have preferred it due to his legendary aversion to sugar.  They include the original recipe, as recounted by AE Hotchner, which is very good and can easily take on some sugar or simple syrup for those who like it sweeter.  Be sure to properly blend it to Hemingway’s specifications: until it looks “like the sea where the wave falls away from the bow of a ship when she is doing thirty knots.”
  • Surdyk’s opens Flights Wine Market & Bar at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport [via TC Business Journal].  I don’t have any flights scheduled until October, so I’ll have a three-month-late review for you then.
  • Jay McInerney runs into Paul McCartney at a restaurant in Easthampton [via WSJ: On Wine].  I find McInerney’s WSJ Blog a little pretentious, but then again, he’s writing to his audience so I can’t fault him for that.
  • A cocktail based on the BP Oil Spill [via Liquor Snob], though I like their suggestion that a better representation might be to pour Jagermeister in your mouth and not stop for three months.
  • PBR that costs $44 in China? [via Time Newsfeed] Well it’s not the exact same PBR, but given the Chinese market’s penchant for buying top-shelf Bordeaux for no other reason than because it’s expensive, this isn’t too shocking.
  • Haskell’s Summer Sale is going on at all locations now through Sept. 6th.  I’ll definitely be stopping in.

Have a great weekend!

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[photo via Terry Richardson]

This is really Two Weeks On The Wall as I was on vacation all last weekend.  So, here’s an extra long set of links for your consideration;

  • 200 Year-Old [and still drinkable!] Champagne found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea [read Dr. Vino’s take].  It’s thought to be Veuve Cliquot from the 1780s.
  • Three excellent Sangria recipes (one of each color) with a great tutorial [Sangria 101, via Serious Eats]
  • Is the rise in screw-capped bottles contributing to the destruction of Portuguese wildlife? [via Telegraph.co.uk]
  • A $12 Million grant for development of ‘new’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc flavors is worrying many industry spectators [via Cork’d]
  • 15% off coupon for Sorella Wine & Spirits [print it out]
  • Nice pair of Top 5’s from CP’s Hot Dish Blog – the 5 most jinxed restaurant spaces in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  I work pretty close to Caribe and just noticed it changed over from Jay’s.  Suppose I’ll have to stop in.
  • W. Blake Gray writes a break-up letter to Pinot Noir [via The Gray Market Report].  “You’re sleeping with Syrah. Don’t try to deny it. I smell it on your breath.”
  • The T-Wolves’ Corey Brewer has a PET GOAT? [via North of MPLS]
  • And finally, whenever I’m too lazy or tipsy to write an actual wine tasting note, I’ll probably just be using this automatic tasting note generator.  Fave so far: “Somewhat but equally closed Rhone. Resembles melted crayon, overcooked smokey liverwurst and lingering doritos. Drink now through 2007.”

Have a great weekend!

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Thanks to my good friend @alspur for alerting me to this brilliant piece of wine novelty.And the official G Sheaves FTW award goes to this snarky Amazon.com customer review.

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Sorry about the lack of posting this week – I’ve been pretty busy.  I’ll have an article or two this weekend, though.  To tide you over, here are a few things for your consideration:

  • Primus rocker Les Claypool in an interview about his Claypool Cellars Purple Pachyderm Pinot Noir [via, 1 Wine Dude]
  • Summit releases Unchained Series #4: Belgian Style Golden Ale later this month.  Brewer Eric Harper is making the rounds – Check out his mini-tour dates for specials. And how about this?  FREE PINT at any Punch location all that week with the purchase of a pizza [via, MN Beer]
  • A tequila-lime-cucumber-jalapeno cocktail at Porter & Frye [via, Heavy Table]

Have a great weekend!

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A few things I’ve come across this week:

Have a Great 4th!

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A few items I came across this week:

QOTD: What wine will pair best with Team USA beating Ghana on Saturday?  Have a great weekend!

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Things of note I came across this week:

  • Obama to China: Buy more American wine [via Cork’d]
  • Summit using Candi Sugar for their fourth release in the Unchained Series [via Summit Beer Blog]
  • Video of the Week: How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe [via Wimp.com]
  • A fascinating, in-depth look a case of high-profile wine fraud [What’s In The Bottle, via Slate]. Robert Parker, along with Bill Koch and Hardy Rodenstock [of the Billionaire’s Vinegar litigation] all make appearances.  I wish I could unearth mags of ’21 Petrus so easily.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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